The first digital currency which grows trees.

Fast and secure transactions

Transactions are instant and therefore faster than bitcoin or any digital currencies on the blockchain. The transaction fees are ridiculous compared to the bank fees of your favorite baker.


Each fraudulent transaction is automatically reported and then verified on a case-by-case basis. Fraud and theft of virtual money are no longer possible unlike blockchain currencies.

A value wich grows every day

The purchase price of the Gigatree starts at 0.10 € and increases by 0.01 € / day . You have to pay a higher price every day to generate new tokens.

On January 1, 2036 , the ceiling price of 100 000 € will be reached. At this time no new Gigatree will be generated. Supply and demand are intensifying.

The Gigatree can be exchanged up to 8 decimal after comma.

An API simple like "Bonjour"

We have designed an API for junior and senior developers alike. So you can integrate the Gigatree exchange system into your application or ecommerce in record time.

Whether you are a large or a small business.

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Innovative transaction fees

Cryptocurrency transaction fees are high due to the calculations required by miners and the congestion of blockchain networks. These costs can reach up to € 12 for small transactions.

Unlike the blockchain, Gigatree uses a simple, secure and widely used communication protocol (XmlHttpRequest), which helps reduce the cost of transactions. These transaction fees are even recovered, sold and donated to non-profit associations while developing the network.

Cost for a transaction of 100 €4€3€0,05€
Benefits intended for ecology0%0%80%

2033 Goals

200 million trees / year

Transaction fees make it possible to finance afforestation projects with the help of partner associations.

3.6 billion € / year

From 2033, we could inject 3.6 billion euros each year into reforestation and the creation of local jobs.

300,000 transactions / day

Exchanges are instant and easy. You can buy, sell and spend your Gigatree easily.


Very low, these transaction fees facilitate exchanges and make people happy among traders who accept it as a means of payment.

11 Megatonnes of CO2 absorbed / year

France's carbon footprint increases by 700 tonnes each year (currently at 530MT per year).

5000 job creations

Craftsmen, workers, project managers ... Job creation is necessary in such a project.

Creation of an association

By creating an association, events will together allow the voluntary planting of trees. Tools and plants will be made available.

Label creation

The Gigatree label will be awarded to companies donating 5% of their annual profits to reforestation and eco projects.

We are currently looking for funding and a law firm specializing in digital assets to support us, do not hesitate to contact our staff to take part in the project.

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